One-on-One Investment Mentoring with a
Trading Expert

Individual online consultation with Financollege experienced trading instructors gives you:


    You discuss only those points that interest precisely YOU.


    All our experts have a proven expertise in the financial trading markets, so can share with you many interesting nuances.


    We emphasize the need for a balance between creativity and financial literacy.


    You will always have feedback on your ideas, justifications and calculations, therefore, relying on someone else`s experience, you can avoid many mistakes and disappointments.


    Our consultations will become a simulator for you to develop a rational attitude to your educational trajectory and subsequent career as a trader.

Choose one of 6 crucial educational blocks specifically tailored to your interests and needs:

Technical Trading skills developments

Technical Trading skills developments

Teamwork on each of the indicators

Teamwork on each of the indicators

Daily routine<br> practice

Daily routine

Japanese Candlesticks mastery

Japanese Candlesticks mastery

Stocks trading expertise

Stocks trading expertise

Crypto talent improvements

Crypto talent improvements

Discuss your future step-by-step action plan for a special price!

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Live Meetings and Webinars

Continue to grow, learn and improve your skills with our live webinars and interactive online meetings. Be sure to join these sessions for “golden nuggets” of information.

Educational Tools

Anytime you need to refresh your knowledge or want to retake a lesson, simply log in and revisit the topics you choose.

Financial News and Signals

Stay connected to the news and extract key trading signals for lucrative trading opportunities. Enjoy the benefits of having valuable information at your fingertips.


The Financollege community is one of our most important assets where our students get to share, progress and thrive together.

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