The Basic Course is an introductory to intermediate eLearning series that guides you step-by-step through an interactive and dynamic learning experience towards becoming a successful trader.


The Basic Course introduces the various concepts, terminology, and real-world uses with practical examples of what, where, when, and how to trade. The course is made up of 8 video lessons that will appeal to both novice and intermediate traders.

Basics Course Modules:

Key Terms Every Trader Must Know – Part 1
  • All the basic trading concepts and terminology
  • Types of markets
  • Types of commodities, stocks, currencies, indices, and much more
Introduction to Technical Trading – Part 1
  • The basic concepts of technical analysis
  • Intro to candlestick charts, time frames, trends, and more
Introduction to Technical Trading – Part 2
  • Additional concepts of technical analysis
  • Take profit, Stop loss, margin, balance, and more.
Japanese Candlesticks – Part 1
  • Introduction to one of the oldest and most common technical analysis tools
  • How to read and interpret candlestick charts
Japanese Candlesticks - Part 2
  • The sequel to part 1 that reviews the types of candles and their meaning.
  • Identifying the different candlestick patterns
Japanese Candlesticks Practical
  • An interactive exercise to put the theory into practice of what has been learned about Japanese Candlesticks in the previous lessons.
Trading Indicators
  • What are the indicators and their background?
  • How indicators help us to trade
  • A brief review of the top 5 indicators
Bitcoin and Crypto trading
  • What is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?
  • How to trade cryptocurrencies?
  • Getting started with cryptocurrencies

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